NBR, has been birthed from out of  a passion to build-up previously disadvantaged communities through education and social development into strong, healthy and thriving communities.

Our aim is therefore to work with individuals and companies that share in the burden of making South Africa a better place to live in.


Part of our objective matrix is to:

  • To address unemployment through skills transfers (learnerships) and adult education initiatives.
  • To address the breakdown in family relationships by providing programs which are aimed at strengthening the family network and rebuilding broken relationships.
  • To reach out to youth at risk by raising up men and women to be role models to these youths and promote healthy life choices.
  • To prevent and reduce the incidence of substance abuse in the community through prevention programs.
  • To provide peer education programs aimed at changing attitudes and risky behaviours to reduce the incidence of HIV/Aids in the community.
  • To provide community members of all ages with programs aimed at individual capacity building through access to education.
"It is the responsibility of all of society to look after the needs of the vulnerable, the poor, the widows, the orphans and the aged"

Director, NBR